Congratulations on deciding to have a benefit auction fundraising gala!  So now what?  Where do you start can be overwhelming.  What we do for our clients is to break it down into manageable tasks.   We have been doing benefit auctions for 30 years and have created a timeline that starts from the initial planning to the night of the fundraising event.  To help you get started we have listed below the first steps to get started when planning a benefit charity fundraising auction gala.

Getting Started

  • Schedule a consultation meeting with Auctioneer (discuss other proven revenue sources)
  • Establish the admission prices
  • Select the theme and venue
  • Establish a budget
  • Select an auction chairperson
  • Hire a professional benefit auctioneer
  •  Select a Date
  • Establish fundraising goals
  • Develop a marketing plan
  • Establish overall committees
  • Set the date for the Acquisition Party
  • Explore the organization’s donor support network and begin developing the invitation list

If you want to take your benefit fundraising auction event to the next level please contact us at (406) 539-7653.