Below are just a few of our testimonials from our clients.

“Travis is hands-down our best investment to ensure a brilliant event as the charity auctioneer.”


“Excellent Auctioneer service! Kept the night moving and crowd and engaged for the entirety of the event. Travis is extremely professional and is super easy to work with. Would highly recommend this service!!”


“We love working with Travis for our annual fundraising gala! He is so knowledgeable about auctions, and not only helps us to have a well-organized live auction, but also gives us guidance on how to make the rest of our event run smoothly. I can confidently say that without his help, our events would not be at the caliber that they are now! I would highly recommend using Travis for any of your event needs.”


“Being both kind and professional, Travis was a pleasure to work with. He’s a skilled auctioneer and we look forward to having him at our future events!”