You need to make sure you get the right items for your audience.  We will consult with you on the right items/experiences and the proper number of live & silent auction items.  You will also need items that are won in a raffle or playing games at your benefit auction fundraising event.  And our clients love that we help with making sure your live auction items are in the correct order of selling too.

Have an acquisition party to brainstorm items/experiences for your upcoming event.

  • Minimum of 10 people needed
  • If money was no object and you had no obligations, what would you buy for yourself?
  • Track responses.
  • Make a list of items and experiences that are unique, fun and should create excitement.  (i.e. Chef comes to your home and cooks a gourmet meal for up to 4 couples)
  • Ask attendees to think through their contacts of who could help acquire these items.
  • Write names of attendees next to the items/experiences with possible contacts.
  • Committee chair keeps the list.