What we do


IMG_5903The main event, a live auction is a major fundraising event used to raise money and support for a non-profit.  A professional benefit auctioneer uses his or her talents to create excitement and energy with their auction chant while reading the audience to try and encourage more bidding.  People attend by invitation only and pay a fee in advance.  Quality items and experiences are procured prior to the event and are attractively displayed.  Attendees pay for the items before they leave and take the items home that night. Other revenue activities for the night include a silent auction, fund-a-need appeal, raffles, games, advertising in the auction catalog, and obtaining sponsors & underwriters for the event.

Our auctioneer is there to provide excitement and energy to engage with the crowd and most importantly to help make the live auction a lot of fun for everyone.  If that means bringing someone on stage or coming out into the crowd then we do it, because the more fun your guests have the easier it is for them to open their wallets and give your organization more money.

And you can trust while we are on stage that we will be a great ambassador for your organization.  We will be professional and passionate about your non-profit organizations mission so that we can use this one night to raise the funds your organization needs to carry out its services.


We consult on the proper number of silent auction items, item selection, bid sheets, mobile bidding, how to display the silent auction items and when to end the silent auction.  Our professional benefit auctioneer makes the announcements on when the silent auction ends and provides a count down which encourages more participation.


We will consult with you on the “fund a need appeal” which some organizations also refer to is as “call for cash”, “fund a cause” or “general ask”.  Whatever you decide to call it our goal is to make it your most profitable portion of the night.  We consult on all aspects of the “fund a need appeal” so that we make this a record setting night for your organization.  For example, the fund a need appeal needs to be a couple of minutes after the live auction.  We recommend that someone gives a 2 minute heart warming testimony on why this is important or that you show a powerful 2 minute video that encourages everyone to give right after the live auction ends.  We consult on specific donation levels and how to create the most energy and excitement from your crowd during the fund a need appeal.IMG_5906

Travis Ballenger is a professional benefit auctioneer that can help take your event to the next level.  Give us a call at (406) 539-7653.